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Trio Linocut Print A5

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✦ Linocut print on handmade paper
✦ DIN A5 (15 x 21 cm)
✦ limited edition of 29
✦ numbered, signed and embossed



  • Paper: DINA5 (14.8 x 21 cm)
  • Motive: approx. 6 × 15 cm



  • 150 gsm handmade paper
  • 100% cotton with a natural deckle edge
  • Texture and shape may vary through the scooping process and is unique to each sheet of paper



  • printed with a printing press in my small studio in Austria



  • Oil based black ink
  • slight deviations in intensity and colors on the screen are possible



Goat, fox and tiger - three important power animals, which are considered spirit beings in animal form as spiritual companions.

The goat is a survivor, a role model for assertiveness and willpower. The fox is adaptable and clever. As a master of disguise, he observes long before he acts. The tiger lives wildness and impulsiveness! He only acts when he is sure. This combination makes the trio an unbeatable team.


Each print is handmade and numbered, signed and embossed on the front.

The picture frame is not included!

Customer Reviews

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Lukas S.
Mehr als nur Handarbeit!

Der Linoldruck ist einzigartig und das handgeschöpfte Papier gibt dem Ganzen den perfekten Schliff! Was aber mindestens genauso beeindruckt ist die Art und Weise wie das Kunstwerk verpackt und verschickt wurde, mit so viel Leidenschaft und Sinn für Details. Der Druck wird sicherlich nicht der letzte von Great Pan sein! :)


Let's fight together for a world full of charity, caring and mindfulness.

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