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Bumblebee Linocut Print A4

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✦ Linocut print on handmade paper
✦ DIN A4 (21 × 30 cm)
✦ limited edition of 27
✦ numbered, signed and embossed



  • Paper: DIN A4 (21 × 30 cm)
  • Motive: approx. 13 × 17 cm



  • 150 gsm handmade paper
  • 100% cotton with a natural deckle edge
  • Texture and shape may vary through the scooping process and is unique to each sheet of paper



  • printed with a printing press in my small studio in Austria



  • Oil based black ink
  • slight deviations in intensity and colors on the screen are possible



Eagerly and loudly humming, it floats from one flower to the next on warm summer days. With its imposing size and comparatively small wings, the bumblebee is actually physically unable to fly. That's exactly why I find it so inspiring, because it just flies anyway - contrary to all the physical laws of the earth.

We humans are allowed to orient our actions more often to the bumblebees and simply do things that we think we will never and never be able to do. We let ourselves be distracted by our environment and society far too much, do not pursue our dreams and do not live up to our potential. Let's change that!


Each print is handmade and numbered, signed and embossed on the front.

The picture frame is not included!

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Katrin Planitzer
Ganz viel Liebe und Leidenschaft...

... steckt hinter dem Projekt "Great Pan Studio". Das merkt man sofort sobald man das liebevoll verpackte Paket öffnet und endlich sein Unikat bestaunen darf. Der Anblick meiner Bumblebee zaubert mir immer und immer wieder ein Lächeln auf die Lippen.


Let's fight together for a world full of charity, caring and mindfulness.

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