My mission 🖤

What if everyone in this world did what they are here to do? Build on your own strengths. On the talents and unique traits. Act out of full trust and out of full joy, be thankful.

Unique decoration for unique people

My highest aim is to combine quality and uniqueness and I attach great importance to the integration of nature. Each of my products is unique, handmade with a lot of love in my small studio and you can feel that. In today's age of mass-produced goods and industrialization, there are now too many "soulless" products in our households and I am of the opinion: There is another way!

Quality over quantity 🖤

Regional and handmade from the Alps

Regionality and environmentally friendly consumption are a matter of course for me and are becoming increasingly important around the world. Therefore, I want to use existing resources in the best possible way and integrate them into my work, for example by making and printing my own paper in the future. At a time when everyone can seemingly buy everything, individual, unique products are more in demand than ever - true to the motto: handmade with love in Austria.

Integration of nature 🖤